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TripleA v0.3.0

Having started using this more in some tests for a work project I decided that it needs to have slicker StoryQ/BDD integration - the previous version worked but it was clunky - this version makes it far simpler to call extensions from BDD style frameworks like StoryQ. I also added some new extensions that I required.

What's New?

  • ProcessExtensions - interact with processes.
  • FileSystemExtensions - interact with the file system.
  • Created a new IPipelineConfig implementation for running steps immediately - this is used when integrating TripleA in BDD style frameworks.
  • Created a new NuGet package called TripleA.StoryQ - it contains an integration component to allow you to easily call TripleA extensions from StoryQ based tests. This page gives details on how I use TripleA with StoryQ to produce isolated, robust tests.
    • Automatically installs TripleA and StoryQ components into your solution too!

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