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  • Core Extensions - details of the extensions that ship with TripleA.
  • Usage - details on how you use this with your test framework.
  • Extending - information on how you extend TripleA to create new arrange and assert steps that encompass your domain.
  • Design - how it is put together.
  • How I Use TripleA - details on how I use TripleA, this will give you a starting point for using it in your project.


  • 13-Mar-13 v0.8.0 release - Added new RegistryExtension check to assert registry item values.
  • 02-Nov-12 v0.7.0 release - Added new FileSystemExtension checks to assert Folder and File permissions (ACL's) for an account.
  • 30-Oct-12 v0.6.0 release - Refactored Unit Tests to dog food the StoryQTestDomain base class.
    • Added new check the FileSystem Extension - FolderShouldNotContainFile.
    • Started work on IIS (v7+) Extension to manage AppPools and WebSites.
  • 25-Oct-12 v0.5.0 release - Bugfixes and new WindowsService "RunningAsIdentity" extension.
  • 10-Oct-12 v0.4.0 release - Run a sql script and run a query methods added to the DatabaseExtension. Added ExitCode check to Process Extension.
  • 15-Aug-12 v0.3.0 release - Process and FileSystem extensions added and better support/integration for BDD frameworks.
  • 9-Aug-12 Work on v0.3.0 commenced. Added Process and FileSystem extensions (checked in to source control).


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